Creating Content

This manual provides details regarding the authoring of content. Information about the technical administration of uPerform, including Server installation and configuration, is provided in the companion manual, Administration.

START HERE: Getting Started with uPerform Editor

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Step 1: Exploring the Editor Workspace

Step 2: Creating and Opening Content

Step 3: Recording Procedural Content

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Step 4: Managing Content Languages

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Step 5: Editing and Formatting: Basics

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Step 6: Editing and Formatting: Procedural Content

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Step 7: Editing and Formatting: Courses

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Step 8: Editing and Formatting: Course Packages

Step 9: Searching Content

Step 10: Using Check In and Check Out

Step 11: Using Annotations

Step 12: Previewing and Publishing Content

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Step 13: Configuring Java Access Bridge for Recording